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Kanga Coolers

Kanga Coolers

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12-Pack Kase Mate: A regular 12-pack of standard 12 oz can beverages (such as Bud Light® or La Croix®) fit perfectly, but this Kase Mate can also fit a 12-pack of tall/skinny cans (such as Michelob® or White Claw®) or a 6-pack of bottled beverages fairly well.


How do I clean my Kanga Cooler?

Easy... the Kase Mate Is machine-washable, so cleaning your Kase Mate is as easy as washing your dirty clothes. Best practices for washing your Kase Mate are as followed:

  • Machine-wash on a gentle cycle and low temperature
  • Air dry (DO NOT DRY WITH HEAT)

When your Kase Mate is not in use, make sure it is completely dry and keep away from dark/damp spaces.